Insurance of companies property

Insurance of company’s property is specified for protection of companies property from different kinds of risks, those can be:

1) Arson-fire – damage that was done by fire, lightning or explosion;
2) Water damage – damage that was caused by water- sewer- or heating system breakage. This risk does not cover damage done by overflow-that has to be insured separately.
3) Storm – different insurance companies define storm as wind stronger than 15-21 mps. This risk covers damage done by wind directly, along with damage of hail and fallen objects.
4) Vandalism – intentional damage of property cased by third party persons.
5) Burglary – damage caused by robbery or braking into closed rooms.
6) Insurance of overflow – damages caused by risen water level of water reservoir or surface water.

Buildings along with movable property can be insured with this insurance policy.

Terms of company’s property insurance:
Seesam Insurance AS
Seesam Insurance AS – all risks
AAS „BTA Baltic Insurance Company” Eesti filiaal
ERGO Insurance SE

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Insurance of companies property