Travelling insurance

In different countries, there are different levels of medical aid, availability, visit fee, hospital treatment cost (in case of accident) and so on. So we strongly advance to buy travelling insurance because it is relatively cheap insurance kind (travel insurance policy for adult person, for one week will coast 100-300 krons and even cheaper for children).

Travelling insurance first of all covers expenses for medical care of a person, who travels. That means insured are expenses for medical treatment and drugs, bought abroad. In addition you can choose between next enclosure risks:
1) Insurance of luggage, which covers los of baggage or it’s harming during your tour. Also this insurance kind compensate expenses (for first needed goods), in case your luggage is late.
2) Trip cancellation – covers expenses that arise from tour delay or –glitch. In case of delay insurance compensate additional expenses for transport and accommodation. In case of tour cancelation, insurance compensate that part of pied money, that can’t be returned from travel operator or transportation company.
Let us emphasise that it is wise to bind tour failure insurance at least 48 hours before your trip.

Travelling insurance can be done for one particular trip or as year long policy. Last is significantly cheaper for those, who travel a lot. It is very important to declare aim of your trip, when you are buying your insurance. In case insured is dealing with risky sports, like diving or mountain skating, or is doing physical work, it should be marked on the policy.

Travelling insurance could be done not later then 72 hours before your trip, in that case you can add trip cansellation risk. Policy, that is done later can’t contain that risk.

Terms of travelling insurance:
ERGO Insurance SE
PZU Kindlustus ( from 11.11.2022)
PZU Kindlustus special conditions of Covid-19
Seesam Insurance AS ( from 01.09.2022)
AAS „BTA Baltic Insurance Company” Eesti filiaal

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Travelling insurance