Insurance related consulting and determination of insurance necessity
In cooperation with our client, we determine the actual need for insurance coverage, perform an analyse of risks and provide an overview of insurance opportunities.
As brokers we can put ourselves into clients shoes and as professionals we provide best solution creating optimal insurance coverage. You will get answers to all your questions about life- and damage insurance at ABC Kindlustusmaaklerid OÜ

Arranging an Insurance Contest
We gather all necessary information and put it into form required by Insurance Company.
We accept offers from our partners and make an overview. Kindlustuse ABC brings out all goods and bads of every offer, details of terms that may seem irrelevant at first glimpse, but that may become decisive when damage will be compensated.

Preparing the contract.
After determining the best suitable offer, we specify details, help you correctly fill application and other documents.

Management of contracts
We remind you of deadlines of payments to avoid breaking of insurance coverage. Adjust your contract during it’s validity if needed. Timely prolong contracts that are ending.

Damage treatment
Kindlustuse ABC is always available. Your broker is ready to consult you 24/7. In case of insurance incident you will receive needful advice immediately, how to avoid further grow of damage. We help you fill necessary documents to speed up damage processing and compensation payment.

Legal consulting
In addition to broker service we also provide insurance-related legal consulting. After incident consultation, our specialists analyze the insurance companie’s decision to reduce or deny compensation. Protect our client’s interests at court. For ABC Kindlustusmaaklerid clients legal consulting is free (excl. representing at court).