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Vehicle insurance

Vehicle insurance also called kasko insurance is voluntary insurance for your vehicle, which takes under it’s protection driving cars, trucks, busses, tractors and other vehicles, caravans and all parts of those vehicles(radios, wheels etc) that are permanently or temporary registered in Estonia.

Depending on extent of protection you can choose between three insurance packages: Full- or superkasko, partly kasko and mini kasko.

With Superkasko you can insure cars that are no older then 12 years. Presumption for agreement validity is presence of signalisation and immobiliser (excluded busses and vans – if you have no wish to insure against stealing)
Risks that are insured with superkasko:

- accidents (traffic accidents etc)
- nature disasters
- arson fire
- vandalism
- stealing;
- front glass, glasses of salon
- additional accessorys.

For lease-purchased vehicles superkasko is obligatory.

Partly kasko – protects same risks that superkasko does, vehicle and it’s parts stealing excluded.

Minikasko is offered for vehicles that are 6-15 years old. Presence of signalisation and immobiliser is also presumption for this insurance agreement. We lead your attention to the fact that this insurance agreement has no protection in case of accidents, and no protection of vehicle parts.
Risks, that are protected by minikasko insurance:

- arson fire;
- stealing of vehicle

Terms of vehicle insurance:

ERGO Insurance SE
Seesam Insurance AS
PZU Insurance
Compensa Vienna Insurance Group ( from 01.02.2019)
Compensa Vienna Insurance Group ( until 31.01.2019)
ADB Gjensidige Eesti filiaal ( from 09.02.2021)
LHV Kindlustus

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