Accident insurance

There are many different kinds of accidents: traffic accident, falling, slipping, burning and cut wounds, heatstroke, freezing, poisoning, violence accidents, drowning itc.

Accident insurance is a great help in case person needs long treatment after accident, is incapable of work, or turns invalid. If worst happens – accident insurance helps to relive financial problems of deceased close people.

Business clients can make an accident insurance for their employees as well, as private person can make accident insurance for her/him self. Insurance compensate in case of:
1) Death of insurant as a result of trauma, drowning, poisoning, freezing, violence itc.
2) Constant health defect as a result of hereinabove named reasons. By constant health defect insurance companies mean loss of some body part, disturbance of function of some sense organ or internal organ.
3) In addition it is possible to insure temporary incapability to work, which, compensate sum fixed by every doctor for one treatment day, notwithstanding if that was a day in a hospital, or at home.

This insurance kind can be done for all-time cover – that works 24 hours a day everywere: and for part time – which covers working time and place only.

Accident insurance is not equivalent of life insurance.

Terms of accident insurance:
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Accident insurance