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Traffic insurance

Traffic insurance is obligatory insurance, which protects damage that been done by ensured vehicle in result of driver mistake. Insurance compensate damage that is done as to property (buildings, other vehicles, traffic marks and so on), so to people.

All vehicles that are registered in Estonia must have traffic insurance contract, which has no time limit, this contract can be made by vehicle owner or any other authorized person, thereby owner is responsible for existing of this contract. In addition to traffic insurance contract, you must buy an insurance certificate that has time limit and gives you right to drive your vehicle.

If you don’t use your vehicle for longer period of time (travelling, winter time), it is possible to make insurance contract fee free (although you must negotiate this with your lease provider, in case of lease-purchased vehicle). When you start to use your vehicle again you’ll just have to by a new certificate.

Traffic insurance fee strictly depends on next factors:

1) purpose of ensured vehicle (driving car, motorcycle, tractor etc),
2) region of vehicle use,
3) technical parameters of the vehicle ( car and motorcycle – powerfulness of motor; truck – register mass),

Traffic insurance is valid on all the territory of Europe Union and countries of economic union of Europe. In addition to traffic insurance certificate there is also a “green card”, it gives no additional insurance protection, although, it is printed in foreign languages so it can be understood abroad of Estonia, therefore we recommend to print “green card” if you are planning to go abroad Estonia. Printing “green card” is free.

Traffic insurance is regulated by Traffic insurance law of Estonia (EST)

You can find more info about traffic insurance at The Estonian Traffic Insurance Fund

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