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Insurance of electronic devises

Insurance of electronic devises is found to insure all kinds of electronic devises, those can be computer- and office devises, medical devices, audio- or video pieces of equipment and so on.
This is all risk insurance kind that covers all damages, caused by unexpected and unforeseen accidents and that are not excluded by insurance terms.
This insurance agreement has several advantages comparing to insurance of companies property policy. One, most important difference is restricted coverage in case of lightning stroke – it compensates damage done by stroke itself, not cases when lightning strokes into the electric line and overvoltage damages connected electric devises.
Insurance of electronic devises compensates all damages caused by overvoltage.
Second significant difference is possibility to insure electronic devises carried outside certain insured place - office. Those can be laptops, land-measurement devises and so on.

Terms of insurance of electronic devises:

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