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Home insurance

Home insurance provides opportunity to insure apartments, houses, summer cottages, aid buildings and you also can insure property that is inside the building. In addition, you can insure responsibility of home owing and possession.
Newest kind of home insurance, which provides best insurance coverage, is all risks insurance. This insurance agreement takes under protection damages cased by unexpected and unlooked-for events.
Another way to ensure your building is against arson fire, nature disaster, water damage, vandalism and stealing of parts of the building, and home property insurance against stealing in addition.

Terms of home insurance:
Seesam Insurance AS
Seesam Insurance AS - from 01.07.2020
Seesam Insurance AS - liability
Seesam Insurance AS - liability from 01.07.2020
AAS „BTA Baltic Insurance Company” Eesti filiaal
ERGO Insurance SE - Maksi
ERGO Insurance SE - Midi
PZU Kindlustus
LHV Kindlustus


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