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Cargo insurance

Cargo insurance is developed to provide protection for transported wares. Insurance agreement can be stroked by transport operator, cargo owner, -buyer or -seller. All insurance companies are insuring cargos on the base of terms developed by London Institute of Insurance providers (Institute Cargo Clauses – ICC). Client can choose between different insurance coverage’s.

ICC (A) – all risks insurance and widest coverage. Insured are all damages, made during transportation, down- or uploading and are not excluded by insurance terms. This insurance agreement is compensating, for instance, damages from traffic accidents, shipwreck, stealing or robbery and so on.

ICC(C) – insured are traffic accidents, arson fire or explosion, ship seaaccidents, earthquake, eruption of volcano or stroke of a lightning, stealing, robbery or vandalism.

Terms of Cargo insurance:
ERGO Insurance SE
Seesam Insurance AS
Inges Kindlustus AS
PZU Insurance

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